My Story

Having developed a passion for understanding how things work, I started programming computers in high school.  I carried that passion to college where I completed my business education in finance and found myself at home in the computer labs, analyzing the latest business simulator results, and building spreadsheet models to forecast future results based on variable input data.  Finally, after starting my career in the finance department, I quickly found my passion was in the technology that seemed to make it all possible.  Since then, I have dedicated myself to mastering business technology, learning both the physical layer such as security, networks, severs, and storage, as well as the logical layer such as online marketing, sales operations, customer service, accounting, and financial analysis.  Today, I bring all the knowledge I have as well as the knowledge I continue to acquire to my customers so that they may be more efficient and successful in whatever business passion they pursue by implementing the right technology solutions.

My Approach

I first gather all the information needed to completely understand your specific needs and requirements, then carefully select an appropriate solution from best of breed technologies and applications to achieve your specific goals.  These solutions are affordable and effective, yet capable and flexible enough to adapt and grow with a constantly changing business environment.


Michael Clifford

Next Steps...

It won't cost you a dime.  Simply schedule some time on your calendar and I will come to your location, begin to understand your challenges, and propose solutions that work and make sense.